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Fixed slots and waiting list online

Get ready to bring our servers down again – the list of registered teams is live 😉

Rules und Registration

Registration for the 2012 competition starts on January 13th 2012 at 18:00 CET! All teams have to create a Team Account in advance in order to start the registration. Old Team Accounts have been deleted, you have to create a … Continue reading

Austrian National Holiday

FSA wishes a nice National Holiday

Result Update

Unfortunately there was a problem with the three rule sets (FSA / FSG / SAE) in respect to the Fuel Economy scoring. Since there are different maximum endurance time limits (145% vs. 133%) the team from Eindhoven receives a higher … Continue reading

Thanks to all FSA2011 Staff Member

Many many thanks to all members of FSA2011 staff You have done an amazing job and worked so hard through the whole event. Hope to see you all again next year as FSA2012 Staff Schurli’s Best Team Award is clearly … Continue reading