ACstyria – Clean Mobility award

In compliance with its CLEAN MOBILITY strategy, the Styrian automotive cluster ACstyria, together with Magna and Altran Concept Tech, will award the most efficient and eco-friendly race cars. The award will be hosted in three categories:

ECO POWERTRAINS (sponsored Magna Powertrain)
ECO DESIGN (sponsored Magna Steyr)

ECO MATERIALS (sponsored Altran Concept Tech)

During the official Engineering Design event on Tuesday, 2nd August, a group of industry experts will rate each team considering the statements made on the overall concept of the car and the specific arguments that relate to the abovementioned categories. The best teams in each category will be nominated for the respective award and will then be rated individually according to visual judgment on site on Wednesday, 3rd August. The statements provided by each team must contain solid arguments on how it managed to make its race car more efficient and eco-friendly, what methods and tools were used and what impact the car might have on the natural environment and society at large. The teams must show thorough knowledge and understanding of the factors that affect a race car’s overall efficiency and eco-friendliness, considering the whole life cycle of the car.


For each award category a cash prize of € 1,000 and a trophy will be given to the winning team at the Award Ceremony on Thursday, 4th August.




About ACstyria Autocluster:

250 members in three areas of strength. 50,000 employees. 14.5 billion Euro of annual turnover. One cluster.
ACstyria Autocluster integrates members of the Styrian automotive industry and strengthens Styria’s position as an internationally renowned region of research, development and production. With global players and technology leaders, renowned universities and research facilities, as well as competence centers in the three core areas Automotive, Aerospace and Rail Systems, ACstyria Autocluster makes sure that Styria’s mobility industry keeps moving ahead.

Masterarbeit/FH-Pflichtpraktikum zum Thema gekoppelte Gesamtfahrzeugsimulation
Magna Powertrain & Magna Steyr:

Magna Powertrain, the worldwide market leader in transfer cases and with an extensive portfolio of AWD/4WD systems, is proud to be the sponsor of the Clean Mobility Award in the category “ECO Powertrains”. Dedicated teams who excel in dealing with innovative powertrain systems and prove their skills at the FSA competition have the best chance to win the award. We are already looking forward to getting to know the talents of the future and discussing their innovative, flexible solutions.

As the worldwide leading, brand-independent engineering and manufacturing partner for OEMs, Magna Steyr offers innovative solutions in the area of clean mobility. To manage the variety of environmental requirements in vehicle engineering efficiently, Magna Steyr developed the balance CO2DE  Program – a methodology using a multi-module toolkit for environmental product lifecycle management. This toolkit allows Magna Steyr to manage the environmental requirements for the entire lifecycle of automotive products. With balance CO2DE, Magna Steyr is able to offer customers a comprehensive environmental lifecycle analysis and uses this information as the basis for improving the design for environment of Magna Steyr products.


ALTRAN_RGBAbout Altran Concept Tech:

With 27,000 employees, Altran is global leader in innovation and hightech engineering consulting. We accompany our clients in the creation and development of their new products and services. As part of the Altran Group, Altran Concept Tech in Gratkorn is the worldwide competence center for vehicle safety and provides all important automotive manufacturers with engineering, simulation, testing and tools. The characterization and simulation of innovative composite materials is part of our expertise. Therefore it is a great pleasure to sponsor the category ECO Materials of the ACstyria Clean Mobility Award. We are looking forward to meeting you!