qpunkt Award for Best Aerodynamics

The aerodynamics concept comprises of following aspects:

  • Efficient symbiosis of styling and design: How do the single elements (underbody, spoiler,chassis, etc.) of the vehicle interact? Which components are relevant for aerodynamics?
  • Smart development process: Which considerations led to the final design? Did the teamperform simulations or wind tunnel testing in the development process?
  • Impact of the aerodynamics on the performance of the vehicle: How does the aerodynamicdesign influence the performance of the car with regard to top-speed, cornering-ability and vehicle stability? How does the aerodynamic concept take the vehicle cooling into account?



500.-€ Cash

How to apply

Load up a pdf document to the FSA homepage with maximum 2 pages as PDF until 29.07.2016. You have to describe your aerodynamics concept, including figures and numbers (if available), referring to the aspects mentioned above.

After a first evaluation of the submitted documents, the top five teams will be given the chance to present their vehicle and their aerodynamics concept to an aerodynamics expert of qpunkt on-site during the event. This presentation will be held on 03.08.2016