Mentor Automotive Best Electrical System and Harness Design

Mentor-Automotive-Logo-vert-black-LoResMentor Automotive is sponsoring the “Best Electrical System and Harness Design” 1,750.- EUR cash award to recognize the team who has used the most professional engineering practices, and documents their electrical system thoroughly for team members and judges.

We’re looking for thorough, well-documented schematics, and harness design, with use of design-rule-checking, simulation and reliable, commercial quality construction of the harness and connectors, plus innovative use of sensors or actuators that improve the performance or endurance of your race car.

Design aspects

  • Look of the drawings, cleanliness and completeness
  • Use of part numbers
  • Use of schematics
  • Use of functional designs
  • Use of block diagrams
  • Use of harness drawings
  • Application of DRCs (design rule checks)
  • Application of analysis/simulation

Technical aspects

  • What types of components are used (military grade vs. consumer level connectors)
  • What sensors are used
  • What feedback will be received from the vehicle
  • What’s on the BOM
  • Decision criteria for component selection
  • Innovation in using sensors to modify/augment the car’s performance


1,750.- EUR in cash

How to apply

All electric teams can apply.
To do so, simply send an email to info(at) subject “Mentor Award” and let us know that you would like to participate.

The judging will take place during the event in Spielberg.