thyssenkrupp Presta Vehicle Dynamics

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Vehicle dynamics characterization and optimization contest.

The contest will be based on a short report (max 4 pages), which states the main balance characteristic of each car.


  1. Weight distribution (WD): percentage of front static weight with respect to the total weight of the car
  2. Roll Balance (RB): percentage of front load transfer in lateral with respect to the total load transfer of the vehicle in lateral.
  3. Aero Balance (AB): percentage of front aero load with respect to the total aero load of the car.

These indexes are the main parameters that define the car balance for given tires. This car balance may also depend on vehicle states/inputs like speed, braking torques or traction torques etc…. Other states/inputs which could influence the car balance should be described in the report. It should be described how the students have chosen the final car balance, so the final values of WD, RB and AB as a function of vehicle states or inputs. It should also be mentioned what tools have been used to evaluate the car balance, on the vehicle data analysis side and on the simulation side. The description of the method employed will have a strong impact on the final ranking. The final evaluation will consider the available resources of each team.

The 10 best reports will then be selected before the FSA event. This number can be changed depending on the number of the participants and the time available. The teams with the best ranking will be selected to discuss the results described in the report. The final classification will be based on the outcome of the final discussion with the teams.

IDIADA Proving GroundPrize

Half a day vehicle dynamics and driver/drift training and half a day involvement in vehicle dynamics testing in IDIADA.

Notice: The arrival to IDIADA is not included. (self arranged)

How to apply

Both combustion and electric cars, one award is given to the best team.
Upload your report as PDF via the team account until 27 July 2016.