To make FSA 2023 a great and memorable event for all teams, we need you!
Because someone who has recently taken part in a competition knows the good and not-so-good aspects of FS events and what would be nice to have as a participant.

We provide accommodation, food, and drinks. And of course, your FSA shirt which makes you identifiable as FSA staff member. And you’ll get a fresh one for each day…. hopefully  🙂


First check if you meet the formal requirements for the desired position:

Staff -> You are not an active team member anymore.
Judge -> You haven’t been an active team member for at least two years.

Please provide detailed information on what, in your opinion, qualifies you for the desired position.
e.g. work experience, research projects, team membership, former experience as a volunteer

Submit one or both of these application forms:

FSA Judge Application Form

FSA Staff Application Form is closed

Would be nice to welcome you at the Formula Student Austria competition!