FSA Quiz 2017

What are the responsibilities of the faculty advisor at FSA?

What is false regarding an Off-Course (OC) during endurance?

Your self-developed electronic control module needs 200ms to safely shut down and write back data into nonvolatile memory.
How big would the power regulator output capacitance need to be at least to do that in the event of a unexpected shutdown (GLV Master switch turn-off), given that:

+ The device needs a constant current of 120mA
+ The regulated voltage is 5V
+ The CPU will brown-out at 3.8V
+ There is no reverse-flow back into the supply

How many drivers per team are allowed at most?

Which of the following tubes is not allowed as the stated frame member (regardless of implementation/mounting/etc.)?

How many different tires are allowed on a car?

During charging you monitor the cell temperatures by tapping the BMS CAN Bus. The Temperature is transmitted as 16-bit unsigned integer (0.00229 °C/bit).
Looking at the data the temperatures look somewhat implausible (see picture below) - what went wrong most likely?

What is the minimum score for the third place in the Business Plan finals (with three finalists) ?

Your battery pack is built from 3 Stacks of 112 Cells (112S3P), each stack has a capacity of 1.70 kWh and an internal resistance of 320 mOhm.
If all cells are charged & balanced to 3.80V and behave equally, which current do you draw at 35kW power output from the pack?

The Frontwing of your car is attached to the frontbulkhead using four 6mm dowel pins in single shear. What is the maximum allowed deceleration peak in the impact attenuator test if you are testing without the frontwing and its mounting? (T2.20.3/Method b)


Imagine you’re running AutoX in FSA 2016. You need to limit your speed because of the following corner. What is the fastest can go at the crest/edge and still land before the beginning of the braking zone?

+ h = 0.25m
+ s = 5m
+ g = 9.81m/s²
+ Consider the car a point mass; Ignore aerodynamic effects.

During the tech inspection, the vehicle has to be accompanied by the 'Inspection Responsible Person', who has to be:"

When you pass technical inspection (all stickers) it means:

Which of the following statements about the legality of the car below is true?

+ track width = 2500mm
+ car track = 1700mm
+ cone height = 280mm
+ rear wing height = 2100mm
+ roll hoop height = 2200mm
Image (c)TU Munich