Into the Future!

As noted in a previous news post , FSA does not plan to integrate DV/autonomous into its event format in 2021 or 2022.

However, not to be left behind we will integrate different future-focused challenges into FSA starting this year already!

Going forward, 50 points of the design score will be dedicated to implementation of the following future-centric technologies

  • Blockchains (the more the better)
    • bonus points for smart-contract based kinematics and tokenized setup (NFT).
    • Chain guard rules do apply!
  • AI based control strategies
    • adhering to industry standard, if-then chains and 2d maps will count as AI
  • Cloud-based ECU as a service
  • Big Data (10GB of Go-Pro Videos are considered entry-level)
  • 5G (lateral or longitudinal)
  • additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing and exponential manufacturing
    • extra points for topology optimized design reports
  • Cyber

A special price will also be given in the form of a meme-based ICO.

Electrifying News!

Formula Student Austria, Formula Student East & Formula Student Netherlands are pleased to announce the introduction of hybrid vehicles in CV Class from 2022 and a Concept Design Challenge for 2021.

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Incoming Call: Important Business News

For quite some time FSAs business cats wanted to give the business plan presentation event (BPP) a fresh twist. Looming Covid restrictions gave the final push and we teamed up with FSAE Italy’s capo gatti to come up with a new business plan event, in place this year at FSAE Italy and FSA. 

The new BPP will be a multi-stage elimination/K.O.-type tournament with the best entries of each stage progressing to the next one until the finals. The stages consist of different tasks, such as a pitch video and business discussions.

You can find all the details in the new AT6 section in our competition handbook.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact with any questions or feedback.

Quiz Results

You can find the 2021 Quiz Results here:

Quiz Results 2021

Extended Payment Deadline available on request

The coordinated quiz dates between the European events should give teams the possibility to decide where they want to go after they know they have a slot but before they have to financially commit.

In reaction to FSGs announcement that they will re-run their quiz a week from the original date, we offer affected teams a payment deadline extension by the same amount if they want to wait out the FSG quiz results.

The extension is available by request – so please contact if you want to take up this offer.