Learn from the best: 2014 Presentation finals

In 2014, for the first time, FSA held presentation finals. To help you prepare for the presentation event this year (or to re-watch your performance) we hereby provide you with last years’ finalists in glorious HD.



FSA 2015 registration – number swap phase

The registration quiz for FSA 2015 is over, the starting grid and waiting list have been filled.

If you successfully made it on the grid you now have 48 hours to submit requests to change/swap/trade your car number via email to info@fsaustria.at

After the 48 hours are over (i.e. Sunday evening) we will send you the payment information.

More Information regarding the Registration

Here is some information and FAQs about the registration on Friday – watch for updates!

Check your Profile

much interesting. so FSA.We noticed that some of the team accounts are missing the “Team Name”, “School Name” or “Country” Information – please make sure that you have at least these fields filled out correctly.

Also, you should really consider filling out the “Wildcard Application” – it is your second chance for a place on the FSA grid if you are not able to finish the quiz quickly enough.

This information has to be completed by Friday, Jan 30th 1600 CET

What you need to take the quiz

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FSA 2015 Registration Quiz – *UPDATE*

Hello Everyone,

we are happy to announce that the registration for the 2015 event will be on Friday 30 January 2015 at 17:00 (CET Central European Time)

The 2015 rules and registration guide are now available on the rules page.
TL;DR: it will be the same procedure as last year

Kind regards,
Your FSA Team

FSA 2014 Video released

Ring in the new FSAE Season by watching our freshly released video of FSA 2014!