Rules & Documents

Registration & Team Captain Information

FSA Registration Procedure 2022 v1.1


Quiz Key FSA 2022_v1


FSA Competition Handbook 2022_v1.4.3

Link to Rules 2022 @FSG homepage


Electric Vehicle Datalogger Information

Datalogger Datasheet v0.1


Information regarding truck driving ban in Austria

The CAD model of the datalogger will be released together with version 1.0 of the datalogger datasheet

Please be sure to check back regularly for updated rules

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Document Templates

For the SES and IAD please use the latest document templates provided by Formula Student Germany: Link to Document Templates 2022 @FSG homepage

Design Spec Sheet_Template_FSA_2022

For reference only: 2021 documents

Team Captain Handbook FSA 2021 v1



FSA 2021 Event Programme