Quiz 2024 Results & Keys

Dear Teams, the quiz results are online! See here:


you can find the answer keys for the quiz here:

FSA-FSF 2024 Quiz-Keys_v1.1

If you have any questions or protests with regards to the quiz, please write us via until Saturday, January 27th, 12:00 CET at the latest!

UPDATE Sunday, January 28th, 09:10 CET:

After in-depth review of all protests,

There have not been any changes, every protest was answered in detail.

FSA and FSF 2024 Registration Procedure


On Friday, January 26th the combined FS Austria and FS France registration quiz takes place! To take part, your team has to be properly registered on this website first! Please make sure you follow all the steps laid out in the FSA and FSF Registration Procedure 2024.

Do not forget about the wildcard application! Be creative, be wild! Further information is in the registration procedure document.

Rules Questions

Dear Teams,

We are aware that there are currently some questions that have not been answered for some time.

We are very sorry for that!

As an alternative, as before, you can also write us directly!

Our own team of dedicated specialists will try its best to answer your questions in short order! We are in close contact with all other events that are using the FS Rules and you will only receive well argued answers from us that will hold up to scrutiny from other events as well.

FS4A Event Recap

Thank you everyone for your interest in our Formula Student Austria & Alpe-Adria Academy event!

As promised, please find below all the Slides that where shown including the questions and answers!


Session 1:
Slides: 2023 FS4A Session 1 Alternative Drivetrains
Video: Unfortunately for Session 1 there is no video replay available.

Session 2:
Slides: 2023 FS4A Session 2 Mechanical Design and Scrutineering
Video: https://youtu.be/9jv-K2wiCNo

Session 3:
Slides: 2023 FS4A Session 3 Electrical Design and Scrutineering
Video: https://youtu.be/YHlKss_aTB8

Session 4:
Slides: 2023 FS4A Session 4 How to Rock the Statics
Video: Unfortunately for Session 4 there is no video replay available.

We are sorry for the technical difficulties with regards to the sound recording in the video.

FS4A – Register Now!

We are proud to announce that in cooperation with FS Alpe-Adria we are going to host an online event for anyone interested. Please use the form to register, we will send you the meeting invitation link one week before the event:


Event Schedule:

14:00   Present and Future of Propulsion Systems in Formula Student other than Battery-Electric  –  jointly presented by FSA and FSAA

15:00   Best Practices for Mechanical Design and How to Pass Scrutineering  –  presented by FSA Head of Scrutineering

16:00   Best Practices for Electrical Design and How to Pass Accu and Electrical Scrutineering  –  presented by FSA Head of E-Scrutineering

17:00   How to Rock the Statics  –  presented by FS Alpe-Adria

You can find the 2024 FS Rules here: FS 2024 Rules v1.0

And the first version of the FSA competition handbook here: FSA Competition Handbook 2024 v1.0