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Into the Future!

As noted in a previous news post , FSA does not plan to integrate DV/autonomous into its event format in 2021 or 2022. However, not to be left behind we will integrate different future-focused challenges into FSA starting this year already! … Continue reading

Electrifying News!

Formula Student Austria, Formula Student East & Formula Student Netherlands are pleased to announce the introduction of hybrid vehicles in CV Class from 2022 and a Concept Design Challenge for 2021.

Incoming Call: Important Business News

For quite some time FSAs business cats wanted to give the business plan presentation event (BPP) a fresh twist. Looming Covid restrictions gave the final push and we teamed up with FSAE Italy’s capo gatti to come up with a … Continue reading

Quiz Results

You can find the 2021 Quiz Results here: Quiz Results 2021

Extended Payment Deadline available on request

The coordinated quiz dates between the European events should give teams the possibility to decide where they want to go after they know they have a slot but before they have to financially commit. In reaction to FSGs announcement that … Continue reading