2017 Quiz

Due to popular demand.
Here’s the 2017 quiz without login and locktime but with error counter.


Business Plan Scoring explained

One of the few rule changes for FSA over the “Rules 2017” is the revised BPP scoring (Rule 5.2 in V1.0). The Formula looks close enough to the original one so that the ramifications may not be immediately apparent. 

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FSA 2017 Registration – Number Swap Phase

The registration quiz for FSA 2017 is over, the starting grid and waiting list have been filled.

If you successfully made it on the grid, you now have 24 hours to submit requests to change/swap/trade your car number via email to ta.ai1511126143rtsua1511126143sf@of1511126143ni1511126143

After the 24 hours are over (i.e. Monday evening) we will send you the payment information.

New jobs avaliable

Check out the new jobs at our Jobs section!


New FSA Energy Meter

For 2017, a new energymeter for use at FSA has been developed. 

The preliminary specs are available on the rules&documents page.

What has changed?

  • The form factor is different
  • Data download is now possible via USB & Bluetooth
  • live data is provided to the team via CAN
  • testing and validating the function of the EM in the car has been simplified to improve the installation and verification procedure

What does that mean for you, the EV teams ?

  • Make sure that there is sufficient space in the car to fit the new EM
  • Make sure that the matching connectors are present in your car
  • The core measuring device is of the same type as in the “old” FSG EMs, so there should not be a difference in the data measured by the device