Quiz Result Update

News Anchor catAfter publishing the quiz results, multiple protests have been posted against the “cats on a string” question postulating that none of the multiple-choice answers was correct.

After reviewing the question we noticed that indeed, the answers were calculated with a value for “g” that was different from the one in the question and no answer matched the correct result.

Therefore we decided the only fair thing to do was to remove this question from the points calculation.

Unfortunately, this means that some teams that were previously listed on the grid fell back on the waiting list. We are deeply sorry for the disappointment this will surely cause.

The updated entry list is now online.

2021 Quiz Answer Key

Professor CatYou can find the Quiz Answers in the Quiz answer key here:

Quiz Key 2021 v1

FSA Registration Quiz 2021

FSA 2021

Coronaviurs pandemic: 2 pet cats test Covid-19 positive in New York |  Business Standard NewsFSA 2021 will take place from Sun, the 25th till Thu, the 29th of July at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

The event is currently planned as a regular on-site event. Further details regarding possible restrictions and the registration are currently being discussed internally and among the other events. We will be able to give further details by the end of November. 

Meanwhile: stay healthy, stay safe and keep on racing!

Cloud Computing Challenge

With the 2020 FS Season cancelled, not only team members and cars are sitting idle. A lot of CAD workstations, CFD clusters and other powerful computing resources are idling away as well!

So FSA & FSAS* challange you, the teams, to a cloud computing challenge!
Many FSA & FSAS Members have contributed computing power to folding@home, a cloud distributed computing project focused on medical research. The project uses the power of your computers to help find cures for many diseases, including alzheimers, cancer and also the villain of the hour – COVID-19!

So put your computing power to good use and try to beat the score of Team Formula Student All Stars –> https://stats.foldingathome.org/team/246653 – or join us 😉

Find out how at https://foldingathome.org/

* Formula Student All Stars, a mythical FS Alumni Association shrouded in mystery