FS4A – Register Now!

We are proud to announce that in cooperation with FS Alpe-Adria we are going to host an online event for anyone interested. Please use the form to register, we will send you the meeting invitation link one week before the event:


Event Schedule:

14:00   Present and Future of Propulsion Systems in Formula Student other than Battery-Electric  –  jointly presented by FSA and FSAA

15:00   Best Practices for Mechanical Design and How to Pass Scrutineering  –  presented by FSA Head of Scrutineering

16:00   Best Practices for Electrical Design and How to Pass Accu and Electrical Scrutineering  –  presented by FSA Head of E-Scrutineering

17:00   How to Rock the Statics  –  presented by FS Alpe-Adria

You can find the 2024 FS Rules here: FS 2024 Rules v1.0

And the first version of the FSA competition handbook here: FSA Competition Handbook 2024 v1.0 

Hybrid now integrated into FS Rules 2024

We are proud to announce that after 2 seasons as an “extension”, the CV Hybrid Rules have now been fully integrated into the FS Rules 2024! The 1.0 version will be published in the upcoming weeks!

This means that from now on CV Hybrid is the new default for all competitions with CV class using the FS Rules, this includes but is not limited to:

FS Austria
FS Alpe-Adria (Croatia)
FS Czech
FS East (Hungary)
FS Netherlands
FS Poland
FS Portugal
FS Romania
FS Russia

These competitions currently have no plans to phase out the CV class.

2023 Results online

In case you have not yet noticed: The 2023 results are online here: https://fsaustria.at/fsa-2023/results/

Thank you for all that made the event as awesome as it was! We are looking forward to next year!

Endurance Running Order

Endurance Running order from FS Austria 2023.


FSA Event Slack Space

We will again set up a Slack space for FSA 2023, covering e.g help desk, official announcements, lost & found.

All participating team members are encouraged to join.

Please use the following scheme for your display name: “[YOUR_TEAM_NUMBER] – YOUR_NAME”

Since Slack limits the number of times a link can be used to join, please use the link for 1-2 team members only and then ask those members to invite your remaining team members (Anyone can invite others).
Slack Invite Guide

Join link:

Join links will also be provided at the registration and help desks.

Posts (and responses) from users with display name “[FSA] – *” are to be considered official statements as defined by the rules.

The #helpdesk channel is available from 2023/07/22 10:00.

Please do not send any inquiries to during the event, instead either post to #helpdesk, come to the physical helpdesk, or (in emergencies) send an PM to anyone with [FSA] in their display name.