FSA 2022 Rules & Team Registration

We have a very special Christmas present for you: the 2022 FSA Competition Handbook!


FSA 2022 Rules & Documents


If you have any questions regarding these rules specific to the competition in Austria, please contact us at

Also, you can now register your team to our homepage so that you can take part in the registration quiz in January for FS Austria 2022. Please read the “FSA Registration Procedure 2022_1-1” document first! If you have any problems, feel free to contact us at

The FSA Team wishes happy holidays to everybody & stay safe

FSA 2022 announcement

FSA 2022 will take place from 2022-07-24 till 2022-07-28 (Sun-Thu) at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria.

The Event will be “classic” style:

  • CV & EV classes
  • no integrated DV
  • CV+DV & EV+DV cars will be eligible with the AS disabled.
  • 2021 Points distribution
  • plus hybrid in the CV class 🙂
  • FS 2022 rules for all other aspects

As of now, this also applies to: FS Alpe-Adria, FSEast, FS Netherlands and FS Czech (some of them offer a DV class, though)

Team registration will be possible in December.

The Registration Quiz will be on Friday, the 28th of January.

It’s coming. FSC will gain a Hybrid Option starting 2022.

As promised, we (and our Friends all over Europe) will work to keep FSC alive and kickin’ !

Therefore we present to you the draft rules of a Hybrid Supplement for the FSC class. This option will already be available from 2022 on.

The intention behind this option is to keep the FSC class relevant and interesting to students, schools, sponsors and all other stakeholders. It allows to utilize and explore the technology of modern drive systems without the “red tape” associated with FSE (e.g. cost and safety considerations).

You can find the draft rules here.

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Esslingen and Aachen win FSA 2021

Rennstall Esslingen(HS Esslingen) and Ecurie Aix (RWTH Aachen) took the first place in their respective classes at Formula Student Austria 2021.

You can find the full results here.

Why U Fail? Reasons for DNFing in Endurance

15 Hilarious Times That Cats Have Had Epic Fails

This year we made a comprehensive survey of the reasons why cars did not finish endurance.

We publish it so that others may learn from these failures and maybe discover some blind spots in their preparation.

This list is in no particular order:

  • high inverter temperature – retired
  • Brake leakage lead to BOTS activation
  • mechanical gearbox issue – retired
  • Accidental BOTS activation (alignment issue?) (2x)
  • Failure of Electronic Clutch actuation
  • Broken Exhaust
  • Lambda Sensor wiring issue -> engine control issue
  • Brake Caliper Leak -> DQ in Driver Change
  • Loss of Oil Pressure -> Engine Failure
  • communication loss to inverter
  • Temperature sensor failure in BMS – BMS Error
  • Rear wing mount failure + Loss of multiple body panels (mounted with velcro)
  • A-Arm Failure (Insert Pulled out)
  • General System Failure in TS – DQ because of TSAL failure
  • Loss of Power – retired
  • Rear brakes kept locking up – retired