Quiz Answer Key & Stats

For your reference we compiled a deck with all the answers and a few stats for both classes. 

Get it here: Answer Key 2020

Change of slot distribution

Due to an oversight while compiling the competition handbook we forgot to change the split between the classes.
We’ve assigned 30 combustion slots and 28 electric slots.
The handbook is going to be changed in the next days.

FSA does the Counter-Brexit

Bildergebnis für brexit catWhilst we can do nothing against the Brexit, we can do something for the teams that take it upon them to attend FSUK and FSA back-to-back. (They are just separated by an 18-hour drive this year)

Marking a new step in the trans-European cooperation between events we will grant special scrutineering treatment (i.e. a fast lane, to make up some of the time lost at the EU border 😉 ) to teams that have successfully passed FSUK tech inspection. This is thanks to behind-the-scenes collaborations between the FSA scrutineers and their UK counterparts.

The specifics will have to be determined on a case-to-case base after it is clear which teams will start at both events.

FSG Announcements & the Future of FSA

Cat worried about CV cars

A few weeks ago, Formula Student Germany, by many regarded as the leading FS event in Europe, announced their road map for next few years. They took a bold step in concentrating on what they think is will be the most interesting challenge: EVs with autonomous driving features. In summary, there were two main points:

  • autonomous driving as part of all competition classes
  • phasing out of the combustion class, resulting in an all-EV competition by 2022

Many teams were then concerned about the future of certain vehicle classes as well as compatibility between events.
No Worries. The European events are working together to make sure that there will be no fragmentation and to cover the demand for CV event slots.

  • CV continues to exist as a competition class for now (including 2022)
  • CV will remain part of the FS Rules, curated by FSA and the other events offering this class
  • All cars compliant to the FS 2021/2022 Rules will be eligible to compete at FSA
  • There will be no autonomous driving parts at FSA in 2020 and 2021

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2020 Competition & Registration Dates

The FSA Registration Quiz will be held on Jan 31st 2020 at 19:00 (CET).
FSA 2020 will be held from July, 26th till July, 30th at the Red Bull Ring.
Both of these dates have been chosen in coordination with the other European Formula Student Events.

All of European registration quizzes will take place on Jan 31st spaced two hours apart. This will give all of you the opportunity to take part in all of them while only having to gather “the Quiz Team” for one day. The single-day registration together with overlapping payment periods (also from non-quiz-competitions!) will create a period of time where you will know which competitions are available to you without having to have committed (i.e. paid) to one yet.
Additional details about the FSA Quiz will be published in time for the event.

The quiz timeline on Jan 31st

Formula Student Austria will take place from Sunday, July 26th, till Thusday, July 30th. There is an overlap with FS (UK) on Sunday, but since this is only registration day at FSA, arrangements can be made to make it possible to attend both events.Formula Student 2020 European Calendar

Also, we would like to welcome a new event to the European roster – Grüezi Formula Student Switzerland!

See you at FSA 2020!