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Business Presentation Stage 2

The Business Presentation Stage 2 will take place on Saturday June 25th from 10.00-16:15, see the detailed schedule here: FSA 2022 Business Presentation Stage 2 Schedule v2 You can find your link to the Zoom-Call for the Business Presentation Stage … Continue reading

Business Plan Presentation Stage 1

Results of Business Plan Presentation Stage 1 are now online! FS Austria 2022 Results

Business Presentation: Deep Dive Topic

In light of recent events we have made a change to the Business presentation deep dive topic: For FS Austria 2022 the topic is: “BYOE”: Bring your own Energy Teams with electric cars have to prepare a concept on how … Continue reading

FSA 2022 Judge and Staff Pre-Registration

Do you want to become a part of FSA? Pre-registration for staff and judges is now open! Please fill out the form: FSA 2022 Judge and Staff Pre-Registration Form FSA will take place at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg … Continue reading

Registration & Updated Documents

Next week on Friday January 28th the FS Austria registration quiz takes place! In order to take part, your team has to be properly registered on our website first! Please make sure you follow all the steps laid out in the … Continue reading