AC Styria Clean Mobility Award

In compliance with its CLEAN MOBILITY strategy, the Styrian automotive cluster ACstyria will award the most efficient and eco-friendly race cars together with Magna Steyr and Magna Powertrain. The award will be given in two categories:

ECO Design sponsored by Magna Steyr (Head Judges: Helfried Müller, Bruno Götzinger)
ECO Powertrains sponsored by Magna Powertrain (Head Judge: Gerhard Eibler)

During the Engineering Design event on Tuesday, 11th August, groups of industry experts will nominate the best teams in both award categories. The nominees are announced during the driver’s briefing on Wednesday, 12th August. The teams will then be rated individually according to visual judgment on site on Wednesday, 12th and Thursday, 13th August. The statements provided by each team must contain solid arguments on how it managed to make its race car more efficient and eco-friendly, what methods and tools were used and what impact the car might have on the environment and society at large. The teams must have thorough knowledge and understanding of the factors that affect a race car’s overall efficiency and eco-friendliness, considering the whole life cycle of the car.

For each award category a cash prize of € 1,000 and a trophy will be given to the winning team at the Award Ceremony on Thursday, 13th August.

Magna Powertrain:

Magna Powertrain, the worldwide market leader in transfer cases and with an extensive portfolio of AWD/4WD systems, is proud to be the sponsor of the Clean Mobility Award in the category “ECO Powertrains”. Dedicated teams who excel in dealing with innovative powertrain systems and prove their skills at the FSA competition have the best chance to win the award. We are already looking forward to getting to know the talents of the future and discussing their innovative, flexible solutions.

Magna Steyr:

As the worldwide leading, brand-independent engineering and manufacturing partner for OEMs, Magna Steyr offers innovative solutions in the area of clean mobility. To meet all requirements regarding ECO Design in terms of zero emission, lightweight and material compliance, Magna Steyr has developed a tool to calculate the environmental impacts of a vehicle – the balance CO2DE Program. The most recent example of the Magna Steyr balance CO2 DE is the innovative lightweight concept CULT, a modern natural-gas lifestyle vehicle with significant reduced Co2 emissions (49 g Co2/km). For this concept Magna Steyr won the national award for mobility!

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