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Live Timing

Live timing is now online. All times are unofficial and without penalties. Link:

EV Quiz Rerun Details

Date: Friday, the 24th of January Following this announcement ALL EV teams, except those with TOP, WILDC and AUT slots will be deregistered, including those on the waiting list. The Quiz process, as mentioned in the “Registration Procedure” document in … Continue reading

Rerun of Event Registration for Electric Teams

Yesterday’s event registration quiz for electric teams contained erroneous questions. We’ve discussed this incident in detail, whether if we should rerun the electric quiz or not; either way it will annoy half of you. Every year we put lots of … Continue reading

Quiz 2014 is Now Open for the Public

If you want to try the 2014 quiz here you go – see if you can beat the Quiz Times of the teams competing at FSA. Quiz for electric teams Quiz for combustion teams We are terribly sorry for the mistake … Continue reading

How We Choose Your Car Number

Some of you might be curious how we handle your car number wishes. It’s a multi step process. There are some basic constraints: 1-99 and numeric 1-9 are reserved 10-99 are valid preferred car numbers How it works: First the … Continue reading