Rerun of Event Registration for Electric Teams

Yesterday’s event registration quiz for electric teams contained erroneous questions. We’ve discussed this incident in detail, whether if we should rerun the electric quiz or not; either way it will annoy half of you.

Every year we put lots of effort and energy in FSA to make it a great event, fair and fact-based as well as fun for everybody. As these values are of utmost importance to us we came to the conclusion that we will rerun the electric part of the quiz.
Besides the miscount the anniversary question was no engineering question; furthermore we asked a question from the FSA rules, which were neither available for download during the quiz nor in line with our announcement in the quiz FAQs.

We understand that the already registered teams will be disappointed about this decision and will feel hard done-by. Nevertheless please accept this decision; we’ve invited you to a fact-based quiz, if chance had played a role we’d have had to announce that before.

There is one more thing: It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
It is one thing that our quiz contained an error. We’re always happy to discuss issues with you, but we ask you to keep good manners; which are also part our values. Please respect this next time you talk to one of us, either written or personally.

All electric teams with REG or NOEUR slot will get de-registered and have to retake the quiz next Friday, January the 24th 2014 at 17:00 CET. Teams with WILDC or TOP slot are not affected.

Best regards,
The FSA Team

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