Business Presentation Stage 2 – Results & deep-dive topic

Dear Teams,

you can find the results for the Business presentation stage 2 on the “results” site: FS Austria 2023 results

We have gladly received your business proposal. After evaluating the presentation of your business figures, we would like to invite the teams that qualified to our headquarters at Spielberg to give you the opportunity to present your proposal in front of the board members of our company.

The information you handed in was very convincing, but to fully understand the financial risks of the endeavor, we kindly ask you to elaborate more on the following deep-dive topic:
As your employees are your most important asset, we would like to put an emphasis on all matters related to your personnel costs. This goes beyond detailed payroll expenses. Please illustrate a comprehensive overview on the topic of labor costs for the next three years.

Please provide the relevant information for our meeting at the Red Bull ring. With hopefully having clearly stated our expectations, we are looking forward to seeing you on the 25th of July in Austria.

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