FS4A Event Recap

Thank you everyone for your interest in our Formula Student Austria & Alpe-Adria Academy event!

As promised, please find below all the Slides that where shown including the questions and answers!


Session 1:
Slides: 2023 FS4A Session 1 Alternative Drivetrains
Video: Unfortunately for Session 1 there is no video replay available.

Session 2:
Slides: 2023 FS4A Session 2 Mechanical Design and Scrutineering
Video: https://youtu.be/9jv-K2wiCNo

Session 3:
Slides: 2023 FS4A Session 3 Electrical Design and Scrutineering
Video: https://youtu.be/YHlKss_aTB8

Session 4:
Slides: 2023 FS4A Session 4 How to Rock the Statics
Video: Unfortunately for Session 4 there is no video replay available.

We are sorry for the technical difficulties with regards to the sound recording in the video.

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