Rules & Documents


FSA Registration Procedure 2019_v3 (v2019_03)

Note: more details about the registration can be found in the rules document!

Official Time Schedule

Schedule FSA 2019 v 3.0

judging scrutineering schedule FSA 2019 V1

Team Captain Handbook

Team Captain Handbook 2019_v1.0


The FSA rules are based upon the Rules 2019.

Additionally, there are competition specific rules in the FSA Rules 2019 1.2.0 (2019-07-10)


FSAE Templates

FSG Templates (must be logged in)

SES: (use FSG Template)

EPTP Template



Payment Information 2019

Camping Rules (2019)

Information press area (2019)

Information team trucks (2019)

Information tire change

EnergyMeter_v1.1 (2019)

2019_Deep Dive Topic FSA Combustion

2019_Deep Dive Topic FSA Electric

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