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We’re live!

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Slack Space

The FSA Slack space is now available.

Join URL:

Please use a display name in the following format: “[carno] – name”

We’ve sent invitations to the email addresses you entered at

Slack limits the join link to 100 people, if you have issues joining (i.e. the link no longer works) let us know.


All the information!

FSA 2022 is only a few days away!

Please be sure you are up-to-date on all the latest information published on our website:

Rules and Documents

For example, we have just uploaded the Team Captains Handbook, that has important information for team members and staff as well:

Team Captain Handbook

Regarding COVID-19: Please refer to the seperate document:

Covid-19 Information

Business Presentation: Results Stage 2 and Deep-Dive Topic

The results for the Business Presentation Stage 2 are now online!

FSA 2022 Results

For Teams which registered from the waiting list after June 1st: Your BP Executive Summary and Video will be reviewed by the Judges and if you qualify you will receive a link to the digital meeting of the Business Presentation Stage 2

Also, you can now find the Business Presentation Deep Dive Topic here:

Rules and Important Documents

Business Presentation Stage 2

The Business Presentation Stage 2 will take place on Saturday June 25th from 10.00-16:15, see the detailed schedule here:

FSA 2022 Business Presentation Stage 2 Schedule v2

You can find your link to the Zoom-Call for the Business Presentation Stage 2 on the website in your account –> document uploads.

If your team has become a registered team for FSA just recently, you will be contacted independently by the business judges, of course you will also get the chance to go through all the stages of the Business Presentation.