FSA Event Slack Space

We will again set up a Slack space for FSA 2023, covering e.g help desk, official announcements, lost & found.

All participating team members are encouraged to join.

Please use the following scheme for your display name: “[YOUR_TEAM_NUMBER] – YOUR_NAME”

Since Slack limits the number of times a link can be used to join, please use the link for 1-2 team members only and then ask those members to invite your remaining team members (Anyone can invite others).
Slack Invite Guide

Join link:

Join links will also be provided at the registration and help desks.

Posts (and responses) from users with display name “[FSA] – *” are to be considered official statements as defined by the rules.

The #helpdesk channel is available from 2023/07/22 10:00.

Please do not send any inquiries to during the event, instead either post to #helpdesk, come to the physical helpdesk, or (in emergencies) send an PM to anyone with [FSA] in their display name.

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