Some announcements for 2014

There hase not been a lot of activity from us since FSA 2013, but we have been busy in the background preparing for 2014!

Now the (european) 2014 season has started, teams are designing their cars and the first questions about FSA 2014 start to trickle in.

This is what we can confirm for now:

  • There will be an FSA 2014 event
  • The provisional date is 25th – 29th of August 2014 (not yet confirmed by the Red Bull Ring)
  • Your feedback has been heard – there will be split scoring between combustion and electric cars.
  • The rules will again be cloesely based on the FSAE (2014) rules.
  • The registration will likely be in early January again

More information will come when the event date is confirmed.

P.S.: as you may have noticed from this post, the website will slowly be migrated to english-language-only.

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