Why U Fail? Reasons for DNFing in Endurance

15 Hilarious Times That Cats Have Had Epic Fails

This year we made a comprehensive survey of the reasons why cars did not finish endurance.

We publish it so that others may learn from these failures and maybe discover some blind spots in their preparation.

This list is in no particular order:

  • high inverter temperature – retired
  • Brake leakage lead to BOTS activation
  • mechanical gearbox issue – retired
  • Accidental BOTS activation (alignment issue?) (2x)
  • Failure of Electronic Clutch actuation
  • Broken Exhaust
  • Lambda Sensor wiring issue -> engine control issue
  • Brake Caliper Leak -> DQ in Driver Change
  • Loss of Oil Pressure -> Engine Failure
  • communication loss to inverter
  • Temperature sensor failure in BMS – BMS Error
  • Rear wing mount failure + Loss of multiple body panels (mounted with velcro)
  • A-Arm Failure (Insert Pulled out)
  • General System Failure in TS – DQ because of TSAL failure
  • Loss of Power – retired
  • Rear brakes kept locking up – retired


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