*update* FSA 2018 announcement & registration

It’s that time of the year again…FSA announcement time!

Of course we will be back for 2018 …and we have reason to celebrate! The first FSA was held in 2009 (back then still at the Wachauring in Melk) and so the 2018 edition will be the tenth installment – #FSAX! 

FSA 2018 will happen from Sun, 2018-07-29 till Thu, 2018-08-02

So get your party hats out, put your cat on speed dial and get ready for the FSA 2018 registration!

For 2018, you will once again have to compete in the notorious FSA Quiz for one of the 50 positions on the FSA grid (30 IC / 20 EV) … so pretty much standard procedure.

What is indeed new is that during the 2017 FS World Council meeting, the European events agreed on having a common registration date:

Registration for FSA 2018 will be on Mon, 2018-01-22

This means that on this day you will know* which events you will be admitted and can decide on your competition season plans before any of the payments will be due.

If the registration requires activity at a certain time (e.g. quizzing) we will make sure that there are no collisions and overlaps.

The Registration Guide can be found here.

(*) or in the following days, if you are near the top of a waiting list
(**) Spoiler: We use the “Rules 2018” with minimal modifications

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