FSA 2019 Registration & News

As of last Sunday, the first documents for the 2019 season are available on the rules page.

If you read them carefully, you will notice a few things, that are new for 2019:

  • There are more teams on the grid (58 vs. 50 in 2018)
  • You can now select your team from a list during registration
  • Most submissions have been aligned with FSG

More Teams!

Bildergebnis für cat meme moar

Ever since FSA has been founded, the number of teams wanting to participate exceeded the available grid spots – almost fourfold in 2018.
As much as we wanted to give more teams the chance to participate, it was not possible due to space constraints on the Red Bull Ring.
But for 2019 we will take things to the next level…quite literally.

The new Design/Cost Area

We managed to secure the structure above the design pits for the 2019 design & cost event. This makes room in the pit lane for a couple more teams and should also provide some improvements to the design event:

  • less noise due to closed design, so much less disturbance from noise test/power tools/track operations
  • more space for the individual design/cost bays
  • better logistics between judging slots

Team Selection from FSG Database

During the registration you can now select your team from a list that is fed by the FSG/FS-World Database.
This removes the chance of typos and is an important step towards international cooperation between events, as the teams can be identified unambiguously.

Unified deadlines

As a service to the teams we worked with FSG to align our submission deadlines. This should take away some confusion and eases the work of the reviewing groups. The VSV and Cost deadlines have not been aligned as they are very much dependent on the event date.

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