For your stay during FSA, we partner with Camping Braunegger, right next to the Red Bull Ring. Please have a look at the map below. It’s a special temporary campsite just for FSA.

We compiled a short FAQ to answer the most common questions

Are there any campsite rules?

Camping Rules

Where is the campsite exactly?

We are sure the noise and FS Teammembers around will make it hard to miss but

  Where can I park my lorry which arrives before the event site opens?

Please use the gravel parking lot P1F  at Red Bull Ring.


Where can I park on the campsite?

Please use the parking area across the street of the campsite entrance.

What if I want to stay for a shorter/longer time?

The camping fee is a special deal and we do not offer shorter “packages”. The FSA campsite also exists only during the event. If you want to arrive before Saturday or leave after Friday please contact . There will be the possibility to extend.

Where and when will we get our camping wristbands?

We’ll be at the registration at the Campingsite around on the arrival day. There you can get your wristbands. The registration will close at 8pm, if you come later than that please contact before . Camping wristbands can always be bought at the info point during the competition.

Will there be a party? I [love to / hate] party!

Probably yes. This is, however, outside of FSAs responsibility. If you make excessive noise after 10pm, you are on your own to take on the campsite operator and the police.

What if my campsite neighbors [are too loud | steal my Bratwurst | are jerks].

We are sure that you can solve this problems like adults (by this we mean verbal discussion). However, we reserve to punish unsportsmanlike behavior if we become aware of it.

How much does it cost?

The pricing is stated in the FSA competition handbook.

How should I pay the fee?

in the FSA homepage area “Rules & Documents” you find a guideline how to pay at FSA.