FSA at ÖVK’s FS Lecture

On Tuesday, the 8th of April FSA was invited to join the ranks of the Austrian FS Teams to present itself during the ÖVK lecture “Students build a race car – the Austrian FS Teams introduce themselves”. Our part of the presentation dealt with the history of formula student and introduced the listeners to the general concept of FS and the structure of an event like FSA.

Afterwards the Austrian FS Teams from Graz and Vienna presented their latest achievements in Aerodynamics, Electronics and Composite Technology.

A special treat was the location: the grand ballroom in the “Haus der Industrie” (“House of Industry”), built at the beginning of the 20th century, is a very ostentatious scene, and is also the filming site for the popular (in Austria) TV show “Wir sind Kaiser” (“We are emperor”). The building also contains one of the last few usable Paternoster-type elevators (also >100 years old!) which we of course took a ride in.


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