Important Notice – Shirt Colors

In the past years we repeatedly received complaints that it was hard to identify staff members on-site.

To make it easier for you to know which official is responsible for which topic we will introduce a new color code for the clothing of the officials. This way you can easily see which official to talk to if there is any sort of issue. Wherever possible we tried to stick with what is established as “standard” color code in the FSAE world:

  • white: steering committee
  • red: general staff
  • blue: judges
  • green: mech. scrutineers
  • yellow: elec. scrutineers
  • black: media team
  • orange: paramedic staff
Here comes the important bit:

To avoid any mix-ups with team members it will be prohibited to use any of these colors (or any shades of them) for team wear. All colors which are not mentioned above, i.e. grey, purple, pink as well as flamboyant patterns are of course still allowed. For your convenience, we also drew up a visual guide:



This will also be repeated in the team captain’s handbook, but as we think this would be on short notice we wanted to notify you in advance so that you can order your team apparel accordingly.

In case you didn’t get it by now, this was our 2016 April Fools post. Please do not take it seriously. Although it would be cool if somebody showed up in one of the the cat shirts.

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