This year at FSA: STD

As Formula Student is a design competition and not a motorsport event, we tried to figure out how to reduce the drivers’ influence on the performance of the teams. To achieve that goal we will introduce a new discipline at FSA 2017 (with 25 and 50 points taken from AutoX and endurance, respectively), the Steering Track Drive (STD).

During this event, the teams’ cars will be driven by members of the FSA Steering committee on the AutoX course. Scoring will be a mix of performance (time) and other factors such as car feel and ergonomics. Due to time constraints multiple cars and drivers will share the track, and the assignment of drivers to cars will be by decided by lottery. Teams should make sure that their cars accommodate all members of the steering committee. If the designated person does not safely fit in the car, the team will be scored as DNA for the STD. (Note: this might exceed the dimensions of the 95 percentile male).

We also hope that this will be an impulse to improve the often terrible driver interface to make the cars more accessible to unfamiliar drivers.
This is just a heads-up, the FSA rules will be updated in the coming weeks.

Q: how will we know if the FSA drivers will fit my car?
A: we have created simplified models – download them below.

Q: We think it is dangerous if an unfamiliar driver uses our high-performance racecar.
A: this is a risk we are willing to take.

Q: Are the FSA Steering Committee members even qualified to do this?
A: FSA has great drivers.The best. Absolutely wonderful.

FSA Driver Models (ZIP, 11M)

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