Into the Future!

As noted in a previous news post , FSA does not plan to integrate DV/autonomous into its event format in 2021 or 2022.

However, not to be left behind we will integrate different future-focused challenges into FSA starting this year already!

Going forward, 50 points of the design score will be dedicated to implementation of the following future-centric technologies

  • Blockchains (the more the better)
    • bonus points for smart-contract based kinematics and tokenized setup (NFT).
    • Chain guard rules do apply!
  • AI based control strategies
    • adhering to industry standard, if-then chains and 2d maps will count as AI
  • Cloud-based ECU as a service
  • Big Data (10GB of Go-Pro Videos are considered entry-level)
  • 5G (lateral or longitudinal)
  • additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing and exponential manufacturing
    • extra points for topology optimized design reports
  • Cyber

A special price will also be given in the form of a meme-based ICO.

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