It’s coming. FSC will gain a Hybrid Option starting 2022.

As promised, we (and our Friends all over Europe) will work to keep FSC alive and kickin’ !

Therefore we present to you the draft rules of a Hybrid Supplement for the FSC class. This option will already be available from 2022 on.

The intention behind this option is to keep the FSC class relevant and interesting to students, schools, sponsors and all other stakeholders. It allows to utilize and explore the technology of modern drive systems without the “red tape” associated with FSE (e.g. cost and safety considerations).

You can find the draft rules here.

New! AAQ (actually asked questions):

Q: Will there be power limits?
A: for now, the system is designed to be limited by the battery weight and somewhat by the voltage. Power of individual components is not limited.

Q: Since the Hybrid rules are based on the FS Rules 2022, does that mean we have to integrate driverless and do driverless skidpad etc. ?
A: No, this is not an requirement. As of now, none of the participating events will offer a FSG-style DV integration.

Q: What type of coolant is allowed?
A: this is undefined in the draft rules, but T7.2.2 will apply (air, water, oil)

Q: Can we run Super/Ultracaps ?
A: Yes, they qualify as purely electrical storage.

PAQ (probably asked questions):

Q: Sounds interesting, but can I only run this at FSA?
A: No, for 2022 FS Alpe Adria, FS Czech, FS East, FSN and FSA will be on board.

Q: What about the other events ?
A: FSG are phasing out the CV class to focus on autonomous. There is some interest from other events but nothing to announce yet.

Q: Will there be a separate Hybrid class or do you plan to introduce one ?
A: No, the intention is to extend the FSC class to keep it relevant. Fragmentation is not part of this plan.

Q: This hybrid stuff is not for me. I want to run a standard FSC car – am I affected?
A: No, nothing changes for you.

Q: Do you plan further significant changes to the FSC rules?
A: No, aside from the Hybrid supplement we want to keep the powertrain specific parts of the FSC rules (i.e. the “CV” chapter) stable.

Q: These are draft rules – can I expect a lot of changes for the final version ?
A: There will be no changes to the concept or the premises laid out in the pretext. The changes should only reflect adoptions to the final FS 2022 rules and fixes for loopholes etc.

Q: I think there is a problem with the rules that will [allow a totally dominant car | not allow a competitive car | something else]
A: please write us at ! We would love to hear your comments to refine the rules

Q: But my idea for a 600V hybrid using a hydrogen powered flywheel has so much potential! Why not allow it?
A: The intention is specifically to keep the complexity and entry barrier low. Maybe you should check out the AFV Class available at FSUK

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