Registration Infos & Rules Draft

As announced we have now put registration infos and a first rules draft online. You can find them at

The rules will be reworked in the next days and weeks so be sure to check back regularly!

Update: Since this question came up a couple of times – If your team has a reserved slot according to the rules, you do not have to take the quiz – just register when the normal site is back up.  Keep in mind that you have to register within 12 hours to claim your slot.

Update 2: to avoid unpleasant surprises, we have prepared a list of things that will come in handy during the registration quiz:

  • a second PC for Google/Wikipedia/Cat Videos
  • a copy of the 2013 FSAE Rule
  • a pocket calculator TI30 or better
  • People from all the technical areas needed to build an FSAE car (e.g. the group leaders of your team)

At last a hint for those who took the FSG quiz: ours will probably be more demanding.

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